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A russian on-line magazine “LIFE R’n'B” wrote an article about Richie, which you can read here.


The return of US5 frontman – Richie Stringini with his single «Man Down»

We think everyone remembers the magnificent five guys who conquered the hearts of millions girls? It took a long time since the band broke up, but the passion does not die down. Grateful fans still love and support their idols! A striking example is the singer of the band US5 – Richie Stringini. Let’s start with the singer’s biography.
Christopher Richard Stringini was born November 28, 1986 in Chicago, Illinois. When he was only 4 days, he was adopted by Robert and Kathleen Stringini. From that day he began to live together with them and became a very religious person. From an early age Richie was very ambitious. He began to work in the modeling business and participate in small projects.

At the age of 14 he became the “Chicago Idol” (won the contest) and he had the perspective to become an actor. When he was 17 years old, he took part in the casting for a show called «Big in America», which was produced by Lou Pearlman, found of such famous boybands like the Backstreet Boys, N’Sync, and Natural. Then he decided to create a group called US5.

Richie and his band mates Izzy, Jay, Michael and Chris were insanely famous in Asia and parts of Europe. After numerous appearances on stage, filming videos and photography, Michael and Chris left the band. Their places were taken by Vince and Cayce. In 2010 the group last performed together.

After the formation split 2 years ago, Richie has moved back to Chicago with his family. This year he took part in an audition for a new summer TV show, which began in the United States. This show «The Next – Fame Is At Your Doorstep» about people who were famous, who have their fans and they just need a little “push” from a manager or record company. Most recently, he reported that he become one of the finalists who will represent Chicago at the show!

In addition to that, on May 1st Richie released his first solo single called «Man Down». A part of the song can be heard on YouTube. Unfortunately, Russian people cannot purchase the full version of the song, but Richie’s team is working on it. Still he has thousands of loyal fans around the world who have supported him all this time. Now most of all he wants to go back to the scene and makes every effort to do so.

As he says:
“All I want – is to act, to be on stage – this is my life, singing – is my passion and Jesus Christ – is my savior.”

Even after the huge success of US5, he has not received any proposals from managers, record labels and other music companies. EXCEPT for the fans who during all these years are still with him.

“Around 8000 fans” follow me on Twitter and on Facebook. They are always there with me and support me. I keep in touch with them through chat rooms (Ustream) and my official website – www.RichieStringini.com.»

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Now they are up – the final 8 photos of Richie’s recent photo-shoot! Click here to enjoy them & feel free to leave a comment to let us & Richie know how you like them!

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And again the German online magazine “PROMIFLASH” posted an article about Richie on their website! This time he’s talking about what makes summer special for him. You can read it here!


Slowly but surely summer is getting closer and we were able to experience some hot weekends already. Everyone spends hot summer days and nice evenings differently, but that is a fact: They make us happy.

Same for Richie Stringini (25), who became popular as a singer in the boyband US5. Now he has is going solo with first single “Man Down”. He loves this sunny season of the year and in Promiflash’s exclusive interview he tells us, what he loves doing on hot days this year with his loved ones: „I loooove bonfires! Having a bonfire, sitting around the fire with some friends, drink something – that’s what I love doing in the summer. I have been doing that quite a lot lately, to be honest. And seriously, I’m suffering quite a lot. I have a ton of mosquito-bites. Just the other day we had a bonfire and they bit like crazy. But honestly, I love the smell of the burning wood, the cracking noise- that is so peaceful and relaxing. “

During the day, Richie loves to do hot activities too. „I love sunbathing and tanning!“ Well, let’s hope, that the smart singer won’t forget the sunscreen and will experience a wonderful summer!


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We just updated our Gallery with 17 new photos! Check them out here! In case you didn’t know – there is a fullsize view available for every picture. You just have to click on the photo until it opens up in an extra window.


We hope you like the photos! Let us know which one is your favorite :)

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And again the German online magazine “PROMIFLASH” posted an article about Richie on their website! This time he’s talking about US5. You can read it here!


Singer Richie Stringini (25), known as a member of the boyband US5 with ex-junglecamp-member Jay Khan (30), became a teen-idol in Germany by scoring incredible 9 Top-Ten Hits.

After a long break, Richie is back on the screens and just released his first Solo-Single Man Down. Promiflash interviewed him and he talked about his former band. Some of the members are still in touch. „Sure, I’m not in touch with everyone but I’m still talking to Jay and Izzy and Chris. Those 3 are the ones I’m still talking to.“ On his Facebook-Page Richie wrote: „I have a very good feeling – Do you want US5 back?“ – Of course Promiflash asked further about that – because Jay mentioned similar things one and a half years ago. „There’s a lot of talking about bringing US5 back. I talked to a lot of close friends of mine too, and decided, that it would be a cool and funny thing to do. I’m excited! I’d really like to do it.“

Of course and we have to emphasize that – US5 would not be the boys they used to be: „We would not be a normal boyband anymore. We are adults now and very different. We’d just be some guys making music together. But I’d be cool with all of that.“ When being asked about his wishes for the future, Richie says: „I’d really like to be on stage again – with US5. That would be cool.“ At the moment a lot of producers, record labels and former members are in touch right now, he says in the interview, because an important question is, which formation US5 will be back with – if there is a comeback.
The band draw a lot of attention to itself because a of a lot of changes of the members. „I can’t say who is gonna be in the band, because nothing is certain yet. And if I knew, maybe I would not even tell you.“
Well, we’re excited and wish Richie a lot of success – with or without US5.


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The German online magazine “PROMIFLASH” posted an article about Richie on their website! You can read it here!


Richie Stringini (25) is back. Last summer, the rumors started and former US5 fans were really happy about a possible comeback of the handsome band-baby. Now finally time has come! Hoever, Richie is not a baby anymore – he can look back to almost a decade in the music industry and he says: “I sort of grew up in that business.” Promiflash talked to the American in an exclusive interview and learned about his solo-career, that was not even planned: „After the US5 time I stayed away from the scene and did not know what to do with myself. I did not have the plan to release my own single, but slowly I noticed that music is my true passion.”

Richie states, he got to know the two producers Thomas Fiss and Gabe Lopez, who have experience as band- and solo-performers themselves. “But them two of them produce music too and I went to LA and there I recorded ‘Man Down’ with them and I plan on making more songs with them. ‘Man Down’ is a love story. It is about a boy and a girl and ruining a relationship, not being strong and good enough for the girl. In the song it says „You shot your own damn side“, which shows the main conclusion of the song: You killed your own best friend,“ explains the 25-year-old. He did not write his first Solo-song himself. Since he has always worked as a singer but never as a writer, he wanted to leave that job to people with a lot of experience, he says. „And they did an awesome job! It turned out amazing and I love the song.“

In addition to that, we wanted to know, if it is a strange feeling to be on the road as a solo-artist: „It truly is a little weird. The feeling of making music all by yourself is completely different. You don’t need to think about, which parts you will sing and which ones you will not sing. It’s only you – that is a nice part. But if you have a break, it is not as funny as it used to be, I guess. I don’t have these 4 guys around me, that I can hang out and joke around with. But it is an amazing experience.
Richie revealed some more exciting details about how his career and US5 will go on. You can soon read about this on Promiflash!