Christopher Richard Stringini was born on the 28th November 1986 in Chicago in the state of Illinois.

When he was 4 days old he was adopted by Robert and Kathleen Stringini and from that day on he has lived in a house in Wheaton with them and he was raised very catholic.
He’s got an older brother called Bobby, who is adopted as well.
Richie never wanted to get to know his biological parents because he thinks he’s got the best parents anyone can wish for.

Although being a little kid only, Richie already was very ambitious. He started modelling and acted in little plays.
At the age of 14 he became ‘Chicago Idol’ and was on the best way to become an actor.

When he was 16 he took part in a casting show called ‘Big in America’, produced by Lou Pearlman, founder of Backstreet Boys, N’Sync and Natural.
This is when US5 was found.
Richie and his bandmates Izzy, Jay, Mikel and Chris celebrated massive success in Asia and in other parts of Europe.
After 3 years of living on the road, being in hotels, on stage and on video and photo-shootings, Mikel and Chris left the band. They were replaced by Vince and Cayce. In 2010 the band had their last appearances together.

Even though the band had this massive success, Richie is very down-to-earth. According to his friends Richie is ‘the nicest person you will ever meet and not arrogant at all.’
In addition to that the blond cutie is obsessed with Horror. He loves everything related to that.
All in all Richie is a fun-loving, chilled, lovely person that loves to spend time with friends and lives his life according to ‘Live everyday as if it is your last!’.

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