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And again the German online magazine “PROMIFLASH” posted an article about Richie on their website! This time he’s talking about what makes summer special for him. You can read it here!


Slowly but surely summer is getting closer and we were able to experience some hot weekends already. Everyone spends hot summer days and nice evenings differently, but that is a fact: They make us happy.

Same for Richie Stringini (25), who became popular as a singer in the boyband US5. Now he has is going solo with first single “Man Down”. He loves this sunny season of the year and in Promiflash’s exclusive interview he tells us, what he loves doing on hot days this year with his loved ones: „I loooove bonfires! Having a bonfire, sitting around the fire with some friends, drink something – that’s what I love doing in the summer. I have been doing that quite a lot lately, to be honest. And seriously, I’m suffering quite a lot. I have a ton of mosquito-bites. Just the other day we had a bonfire and they bit like crazy. But honestly, I love the smell of the burning wood, the cracking noise- that is so peaceful and relaxing. “

During the day, Richie loves to do hot activities too. „I love sunbathing and tanning!“ Well, let’s hope, that the smart singer won’t forget the sunscreen and will experience a wonderful summer!


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