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And again the German online magazine “PROMIFLASH” posted an article about Richie on their website! This time he’s talking about US5. You can read it here!


Singer Richie Stringini (25), known as a member of the boyband US5 with ex-junglecamp-member Jay Khan (30), became a teen-idol in Germany by scoring incredible 9 Top-Ten Hits.

After a long break, Richie is back on the screens and just released his first Solo-Single Man Down. Promiflash interviewed him and he talked about his former band. Some of the members are still in touch. „Sure, I’m not in touch with everyone but I’m still talking to Jay and Izzy and Chris. Those 3 are the ones I’m still talking to.“ On his Facebook-Page Richie wrote: „I have a very good feeling – Do you want US5 back?“ – Of course Promiflash asked further about that – because Jay mentioned similar things one and a half years ago. „There’s a lot of talking about bringing US5 back. I talked to a lot of close friends of mine too, and decided, that it would be a cool and funny thing to do. I’m excited! I’d really like to do it.“

Of course and we have to emphasize that – US5 would not be the boys they used to be: „We would not be a normal boyband anymore. We are adults now and very different. We’d just be some guys making music together. But I’d be cool with all of that.“ When being asked about his wishes for the future, Richie says: „I’d really like to be on stage again – with US5. That would be cool.“ At the moment a lot of producers, record labels and former members are in touch right now, he says in the interview, because an important question is, which formation US5 will be back with – if there is a comeback.
The band draw a lot of attention to itself because a of a lot of changes of the members. „I can’t say who is gonna be in the band, because nothing is certain yet. And if I knew, maybe I would not even tell you.“
Well, we’re excited and wish Richie a lot of success – with or without US5.


2 Responses

  1. violeyy says:

    Richie should continue his solo career!!!!!!! US5 is the past.

  2. nika says:

    I don’t want US5 back!! ://

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