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The German online magazine “PROMIFLASH” posted an article about Richie on their website! You can read it here!


Richie Stringini (25) is back. Last summer, the rumors started and former US5 fans were really happy about a possible comeback of the handsome band-baby. Now finally time has come! Hoever, Richie is not a baby anymore – he can look back to almost a decade in the music industry and he says: “I sort of grew up in that business.” Promiflash talked to the American in an exclusive interview and learned about his solo-career, that was not even planned: „After the US5 time I stayed away from the scene and did not know what to do with myself. I did not have the plan to release my own single, but slowly I noticed that music is my true passion.”

Richie states, he got to know the two producers Thomas Fiss and Gabe Lopez, who have experience as band- and solo-performers themselves. “But them two of them produce music too and I went to LA and there I recorded ‘Man Down’ with them and I plan on making more songs with them. ‘Man Down’ is a love story. It is about a boy and a girl and ruining a relationship, not being strong and good enough for the girl. In the song it says „You shot your own damn side“, which shows the main conclusion of the song: You killed your own best friend,“ explains the 25-year-old. He did not write his first Solo-song himself. Since he has always worked as a singer but never as a writer, he wanted to leave that job to people with a lot of experience, he says. „And they did an awesome job! It turned out amazing and I love the song.“

In addition to that, we wanted to know, if it is a strange feeling to be on the road as a solo-artist: „It truly is a little weird. The feeling of making music all by yourself is completely different. You don’t need to think about, which parts you will sing and which ones you will not sing. It’s only you – that is a nice part. But if you have a break, it is not as funny as it used to be, I guess. I don’t have these 4 guys around me, that I can hang out and joke around with. But it is an amazing experience.
Richie revealed some more exciting details about how his career and US5 will go on. You can soon read about this on Promiflash!

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