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Read what he says:

Alright, this is the beginning of the recording, I haven’t gone on live, but I’m going to. And y’all got me nervous as hell! Alright, hold on!
Start broadcasting, then pop out chat.
Alright, this is it kids, it’s Richie and I’m on Ustream live! Whooop whooop! So I have been super nervous this whole time, trying to figure out how to get this thing going and I’m on the phone with my friends like ‘How does this thing work?- The camera is not working.’, But, as you can see, we’ve got it going. I’ve got this little pop-out chat thing going on the side. First of all, let me just tell you guys how beyond excited I am to be here and emm, and to do this with you guys, And I know it’s been so long, it’s been like a year. What was it, my birthday, was the last time we did this. I’ve been going through a lot of stuff, a lot of good stuff, some bad stuff, but right now life is really good. And emm, we’re back in action. And I’m making some moves! So emm, I’m just gonna get this little pop-out Chat thing, so I can see, what you guys are writing, and let’s see here… but it’s very difficult! I can’t see anything yet of what you guys are writing, but let me start of by saying I know that there are a bunch of – I was talking to my other friend who is helping me do this, because I’m not very computer-savvy. I’m not very savvy, and they have been helping me do this, but I figured out or they helped me figure out how to do this whole thing and I realized that there are fans all over the world, from like 50-something odd 50 some odd different countries and that includes like Poland, Austria Switzerland, Russia, Poland, Japan, everywhere! So I just wanna thank you all for taking the time out of your day to sit in front of your computer and watch me! To be honest, I really don’t know why anyone would really wanna sit here and watch me – I guess I can be entertaining, so I’m just gonna play it off to that. But I’m super glad that we are doing this. What else, what else, what else?Right now I’m in my house and I’m chilling on my couch. I pulled up this couch so I could get comfortable. And this is my new Tshirt which I really love.and yeah, I’m just having a great, grand old time with you guys. There’s a few things that I do wanna mention before we get started, because I’m sure you are all wondering – the single, for man down – Firs tof all, that was like one of the coolest things I did. Was to go to LA to record that song, with some really great people and now we’re just kind of in the process of getting the contracts figured out. It’s a whole bunch of lingo and all that jazz that I don’t really know anything about. So I kinda got my entertainment lawyers taking care of it and my dad figuring that all out, cause I don’t know one thing about contracts or agreements. They’re just getting that figured out, I don’t know why it’s taking so long, but it’s going to get figured out. And I hope and pray, that we can get it released super soon, so it’s on the way, I don’t know when, but we’re gonna get it out there so you just hold on to your seats! At the end of this Ustream, or whenever I get comfortable, because right now my heart’s like dodongdodongdodong. ‘My heart is beating like a jungle drum. My heart is beating kind of super fast. And I’m kind of nervous, so once I start settling in, start answering some questions, I’ll go ahead, and as you all know, I’m gonna be trying out for „The Voice“, you know for fun, I think it’s a great opportunity. Some people were like – Oh my gosh did you do that? Isn’t that tacky? And people are gonna see that, it just doesn’t look good, and you should be trying out for reality shows. But I’m like: I couldn’t care less! Umm yeh, I do have a single of my own, that I’m hopefully gonna get released, but I’m down for anything, you know? I think God opens doors all over the place, and I feel that the voice is coming to Chicago, I heard on the radio, I’m driving, and they’re like – the voiiice coming to Chicago, March third, audition now, and I was like, why not? So I got excited and my heart started to beat. So I thought maybe it was a good idea. So I’m super excited, but anyways, like I said, I’m gonna set up this little poll, on our website, which is I know you’ve been there! And it’s gonna, you guys can vote for what I should sing because to be honest, I swear I have no idea. I’m like, God, if I’m supposed to sing a song, what is the song, that I’m supposed to sing!? So I’m debating on two songs right now or three songs, I’ve got this one song called for once in my life by Steve Wonder but or I don’t even know who sings it, but I’m not a hundred percent sure, but I wanna know, what you guys think of these two songs: Obviously there is Adele „set fire to the rain“ I think that’s a kick booty song! It’s awesome! And then I have you raise me up, which I think like, Mark – what’s his name? Robin? He’s that singer, I don’t know, he’s a singer. And he did it. Groban, Josh Groban! Nooo I wouldn’t do it in his style, I would do it more Westlife style, but yeh, I was thinking about probably singing that, or Set fire to the rain by Adele. And I’ll sing a little bit of each one before over and you guys can let me know what you think! Umm yeeeh so basically, let me just give you a little run down on what’s been going on in my life – as you all know, a couple of months back, well a couple of months back – a while back I was out in California, staying out there for a while. With some friends, and now I’m back home, I’ve been home for almost over a year now and it super emm super great, I’ve had some ups and some downs, got into some little arguments with my parents, you know, but that’s how life is. You can’t be friends with everybody. Now everything’s nice and easy. My Parents are happy with me and I’m happy with them. Fight it out you know? Come on! So yeh, everything’s going great at home! Came back here, Recorded that song – Man Down. A really nice girl got me in touch with some really great people out in LA, some great producers. Thomas Fiss and Gabe Lopez, big shout-out! They made me an awesome song. And I hope that we can get it out to you guys soon! And I did, I went out and recorded that, which was just super cool, it was a really nice opportunity to be able to do that, and to get in the studio again. It was such a different feeling getting in there and recording on my own.without like 5 other or 4 other parts. And then figuring out who’s gonna sing which part. So emm, it was very personal. And I liked it. What else is going on in my life?
I have my little nephew, Which is not literally my nephew, but I consider him my nephew, I love him to death! His name is Malachi Miles and he is the cutest child in the world. He reminds me a lot of my brother when he was little and you’re probably wondering how I know what my brother was like when he was little, but there’s lots of homevideos! Mom and Dad loved to put us on that camera, and they filmed us when we was crawling around like little children you know? So I got a lot of insight of what my brother was like, and this little Malachi Miles, who my best friend Kitty Coleman it’s her son, He is the cutest thing in the world! And I absolutely love him and he means absolutely the world to me. I’ve just been spending a lot of time with him. And I love him. And he’s a great little kid, you know I wanted to bring him here and have him sit with me, but I think it would have gotten crazy, so he’s with his Nana right now. Probably taking a nap or just destroying the entire house! Which is very possible. You know, you leave him in a room for one second, you walk back and there’s Cheerios all over the place, Jello in his hair, well that’s not him, that’s Aiden. But whatever, he get’s pretty crazy. But I love him to death. Also, as you all know, I am working an awesome job, which I’m loving, I’m getting the biggest kick out of it. My friend, my bestest friend Kitty helped me get the job, god bless her, she’s amazing! And I love it, I go in there I work like what? Thursday Friday Saturday, Sunday. So kinda like the weekend, mid-weekend kind of stuff. And it’s awesome. I never thought I’d be doing that kind of work, what I’m doing, but I get the biggest kick out of it. And I meet so many different personalities. And for me – I really don’t care where I’m working, I just like the fact, that I’m around people. I like serving people, because I think when you’re serving people, then you’re serving God, because we are all his Children. So I like to serve in any way I can and I’m doing that right now. I’d tell you where I work but I wanna keep it a secret, because I don’t want my bosses getting upset with me, for telling ya, and then y’all be calling me like crazy. Which I don’t know if you would or not, but if I knew someone in the music industry and I found out that they’re over at McDonalds I’d be like Yooooo What’s up Jay-Z? You make us some french fries? How’re you doing man? I got a demo I want you to hear. Jay-Z? How’s Beyonce doing? How’s Ivy? What’s the name? Ivy Blue? I mean know I mean whatever floats your bow. I don’t know. I had some bizarre names picked out if I was gonna, WHEN I’m gonna name my child, whenever I have a child, with whoever I have a child with. Which by the way, I’m excited. I can’t wait to get married. Do the whole walking, well they walk down the aisle but I get to stand up front, all dressed, like groom-like, watch my bride walk down. That’s very exciting to me. So I just pray and I hope that you guys can pray for me. That the right woman is put in my path, because I don’t know if I’ve met her yet, maybe I have, you know I tell all my friends, you know who God has picked out for me, but it’s someone out there, I might have met this someone, I might not have. But either way, I’m super stoked about that, I’m getting older now. I’m 25 years old, which a lot of people are asking – how old are you really, how old are you? I’m 25 – I know I still look 16, but I can’t help it. Take it up with the man upstairs! I ask myself everyday – when am I gonna start looking older? But I guess it’s an okay thing, cause I guess when I’m like ooold, like really old, even though I’m starting to feel old, because saying 25 is weird – maybe I’ll still look young. Man I got some crowsfeet going on, got some lines in the forehead, but I really don’t care. I’m having a great time being youngand I still feel like I’m freaking 13. and I haven’t matured since then. I’m still like a little 13 year old. Which isn’t always good, because you know, because I get into trouble sometimes. But I’m hanging in there and I’m doing fine just now. Ahh let’s see. What else? You know, this whole situation here – the reason why I’m babbling on you guys are like – Why isn’t he answering any questions? Well, the pop-out chat doesn’t seem to be working. Every time I’m on uh oooouuuuh!Heeeeeey there it goes – okay! Now this is gonna be hard. I have to mention to all of you guys before I start getting into these questions: NOBODY is going to be deleting any of your questions. That is forbidden, Noone will do it. Noone’s gonna be stopping it, it’s just gonna be slowed down a little bit, so I can read them, because otherwise you guys, you have no idea you guys, it’s gonna be like drrrrr trrrrrrrrrr trrrrrrrr and it’d be pointless, so here we go:
„Richie will you marry me?“ Let’s go baby! (sings) Find me a chapel and we’re gonna get married. If you guys know that song, it’s a great song. I used to like love that when I was little. We used to listen to that.
„Do I like Justin Bieber?“ I… you know what, props to Justin Bieber. As far as I’m concerned, he’s a Christian – I think that’s great. Umm… I think he’s doing really big things, he’s super successful and he’s a good, I mean he’s a great artist. He has an amazing voice. I could definitely not sing as high as he does and not… I just can’t do that. So I give him a lot of props! He’s a good kid, never met him but I’m sure he is a great guy. And Selena Gomez, she’s very good too – I like her! I like Selena. Selena is nice… umm.. but that’s his girlfriend, so we’re gonna leave that alone!
„When will I come to Austria?“ I don’t know But you know, Austria is one of the prettiest places I’ve ever been to, so that is DA BOMB.
„Richie will you… will you sing at The Voice?“ Yeah! You know, my plan is to go down there. I have to get up at like 4, with Kitty – she’s taking me down there, bless her heart! She’s gonna take me down there, we’re gonna go and stroll up there and we’re gonna line up and hopefully it will work out. And I’m gonna sing. Uh let’s see…
Please say (says something in a different language). I think that’s Polish. (Says it again.)
„Am I still a virgin?“ Yeah, I’m still a virgin and I will hang on to that for a long time. Hopefully until I’m married, but you know temptation is a mother…… so you gotta stay strong, you know?!
„Will there be a reunion of US5?“ Hey! I’m telling you that umm… first of all: Big shout out to Jay, Izzy, Chris, Mikel and Cayce – I love all you guys! And Vince. I don’t …. (something’s beeping in the background)… Do you hear that beeping? I hope that’s not my car beeping! Oh, it stopped. Wasn’t me! Sorry, there was an alarm going off in my neighborhood, someone must have tried to break in a car….uuuuummm….I wanna give a shout out to all of them. I love them! Umm… we’ve been on and off in touch, everyone’s kinda busy doing their own thing right now I think. But hey! If anyone ever has the idea of coming with a reunion of US5 or doing a Tour together – I think that would be the coolest thing! Umm… but I’d really like to do it the original US5, with Mikel and Chris because that’s how we originally were.
And I am gonna sing for you something, I can see on here… umm let’s see…
„What song will I sing?“ Well, I’m debating… I don’t know if you heard before… but I’m debating between Set Fire To The Rain by Adele or You Raise Me Up… ummm… and I’ve got a poll going out, like a little voting thing on www…like Goerge W. Bush… There’s a poll and you guys can vote and whichever I’m gonna get more of, I’m gonna sing – most likely unless I change my mind in the last minute.
„Why did I cancel the signing session in Berlin?“ The reason, that I did not come to Berlin… and I was scheduled to come to that…ummm the uh… autograph signing session. Guys to be honest, there are so many things, that go on behind the scenes with all these different people. It… it wasn’t… the situation how it was set up… it wasn’t right. There was a lot of weird things going on, that I wasn’t aware of until the last minute. And if I would have come out there at that point, under the care of the people that we’re supposed to be taking care of me – it would have been disastrous. I just didn’t wanna do it… ummm…and it just wasn’t… that wasn’t the option.
Someone says „You look soooo good!“ Thank you very much! Nooo, you know the funny thing is: I was driving here to my house today and I was like „What am I gonna talk about? Like, they’re gonna be so bored. They’re gonna look at me like eeeeeh he looks….“ But I was like: Well, I’m gonna tell them, that it took me 20 minutes to do the hair like this, because I’m telling you: when I wake up I don’t look like this! I really don’t. I look like a freaking mess. I wear my pajama pants, my stretched out colored T-Shirt and I walk around with some jelly on my face from eating Peanut Butter and Jelly… you know, a couple of minutes before. I don’t look all nice and fancy, but I try to look nice for you guys, because… let’s tug that up… there we go, I can sit up! I try to look nice for you guys, because I would prefer to get online in front of thousands of people and look… you know… more decent instead of this whole ‘Just-Woken-Up-Look’. Although one day I’d love to show that look to you and I’m sure, you’ve caught me at some really awkward times looking so garbage.
„How does it feel to look so pretty?“ You’re funny! I do not look so pretty! But I appreciate that you see that. I don’t see that. I think that I’m a decent looking guy and I’m blessed with whatever I do have.
„Have you heard about One Direction?“ I’ve heard about One Direction. I heard that they are another type of Pop Group or Boyband?! I don’t know… „Stop for a while and say… R…“ I don’t know what that means. I’ve heard of them and they’re really good. But I haven’t heard or I haven’t seen anything of them. But I have to definitely look them up when I get home. Uh let’s seeeee…
„Richie, please in Russian PREVIET?“ Previet… I’ve heard that. I’m not pronouncing that right!
„What’s my favorite….“ Uh, okay! This has got to be known! I’m trying not to eat Big Macs! Or McDonalds… Fast Food at all. Because when I do, I swear, the next day I break out. Pimples…everywhere! It’s like it just filters out (?) to my skin, which I think is super disgusting. But I tell you, McDonalds has the best Big Mac in the world. It’s real good. But what I’ve noticed is that when I get it and I eat it, I don’t feel satisfied. I’m like, uuuh I feel nasty. But that first minute you get it, with that crunchy ass lettuce and it’s just… real good!
„Do I read fanmail?“ All the time! Umm.. a lot of the fanmail I get… I’m assuming… just comes to the house. Because I don’t know where else you’re sending it. You know, my adress here is out for the public. It’s 33 Danada Drive in Wheaton/Illinois. And so I get fanmail here and I do read it. I get a lot of fanmail, but it’s really hard to write back to everybody, because it’s… you know… there is so much coming. But I do my best to read all of it and take a look at all of it.
Let’s see… my friend Alex Rusch was just calling me on the phone. And I have to… I feel bad… I forgot that I was supposed to talk to him today 1 o’clock. Umm.. he’s a.. like a mogul in marketing over in Switzerland. And hopefully we’re gonna do some big things… I don’t know. We’ll see! Umm… let’s see!
„Good evening, Richard. How are you? How is your family and your health? Have hope! Everything’s okay. Greetings from Poland. By the way, nice hair!“ Well, isn’t that sweet?! I like that, you know very condensed – you got it all in there! Well, good evening back to you. My family is doing great. My mom has a really bad cold, she’s coughing… she’s coughing up her lungs. My brother’s sick too. He’s up in the bathroom right now. We won’t go there! (laughs) We won’t go there.
I just wanna say hi to Rike, Steffi, Kiki and Josy or Josie?! Aaaand let’s see. What else?
„I bet, you look awesome in the morning!“ OOOOH NOOOO! That’s a lie. I really don’t. I look super rough in the morning.
And I’ve got this chair here, I’ve been leaning on…I feel like you know… I don’t know. I just love this chair, this stool. I feel like I’m all in a trend (?) and it’s making me comfy. And these, by the way, are my glasses that I broke. Which are… I mean how lame is that?! There’s my glasses! That’s what I look like with my glasses. They’re actually my dad’s glasses. You guys wanna hear something crazy? My dad, my mom and my brother and I ALL have the exact same prescription. BUT none of us are blood-related. I’m adopted from a different family, my brother is adopted from a different family and my mom and dad are obviously not brother and sister! So we all have the same prescription yet we’re all different blood. I think it’s the most bizarre thing! So my family is actually doing really great. Umm, let’s see…
„3 most improtant things in my life…“ Jesus Christ, God and the Holy Spirit. Holy Trinity, baby!!!
„Finally, will you come to Poland and come to Berlin. July or August?!“ You know what, guys I hope I can see you all really soon! My goal is to get back into the music industry and to get out there to… just to be… hopfully just a good person. I just wanna be a good person and inspire people. I think, I have a story to tell… I’ve been thorugh a lot of crap in my life. Lot of good, lot of bad. Umm… and I’ve conquered many demons throughout the years and I’m just really excited to share my story. I’m not really ready to share the whole thing yet. I know, there are some people out there, that know I’ve gone throgh struggles but right now I’m just in a really good place in my life and I’m ready to get back out there, make some really amazing music and I don’t how I’m gonna do it… I know that God has a plan! But I would hate to let you guys down, ’cause I know how wonderful you’ve been to me and you guys are the ones, who keep me going. If I wouldn’t have you guys, I probably wouldn’t feel so great. But you really do make me feel great!
„How was my work with Thomas Fiss?“ Thomas Fiss is a great guy. Super talented, I had no idea that he was also in a Pop Group. But he’s a super nice guy, we had a lot of fun. Gabe is amazing too. We knocked out a song in a really short amount of time and they just make magic. They’ve got microphones that I have never sang in before. Just… they are REAL good.
As far as these fakes are concerned: These fakes… FAKEEEERS!!!! YOU’RE FAKE!!!! Sorry, didn’t mean to scream, but you know they make me mad. Honestly… I’m going on Facebook and I see like 18 Chris Stringinis and I see like 6 Chris Camerons and I see all these fake Richie Stringinis and then I see Christopher Richard Stringini AND THEN I… the list goes on and on and on (sings). Isn’t that a song?! Anyways, the list goes on and on and I’m sick of them! They’re saying a whole bunch of crap that’s not true. There’s some idiot out there, that is saying a lot…. but here: let me make this very clear….Today at some point by tonight or tomorrow or whatever…on there is gonna be my official Facebook page and my official Twitter page. And obviously my website. There is NO other stuff. I do not have any other secret accounts! I do have one account, that I keep for myself and for my family and close friends. And that’s Chris Cameron and I get a lot of requests. And when I say „not now, not now, not now“… when I click „not now“… I’m not doing it to be rude! I just… it’s really hard… ’cause once I add one person… you guys you have no idea! Some of you said „Oh it’s not a big deal!“ but some of you guys get real mad at me. I don’t wanna make anyone mad at me! So…. I just like to keep that one private, because if I had one person I feel obligated to add, everyone else… and I get a lot of requests on that so… But I just wanted to be honest with you. You know, straight up that that’s the only account that I have… the only two accounts that I have!
I’m seeing phone calls coming in right now from Germany. I don’t know who they are, but I’m not gonna get them right now …. whoever that is (shows his phone) because of the fact that I don’t want to interupt our session here. Because this is great.
Someone asked „What are my favorite panties?“ Now, I don’t know how I’m supposed to answer that…(laughs)… I’m assuming you mean underwear, because in that case – I love boxer briefs! And right now… I’ll show you… I’m wearing (shows his underwear) Hanes!! Hanes boxer briefs. Now, I wasn’t trying to be risky there, just wanted to get real intimate with you guys. Let’s see…
„My friend to know if you can breathe because your nose… my friend wants to know… I don’t get that…because your nose is so small…“ Oh… I don’t know if that’s a compliment or a diss…. but… darling, I can breathe just fine. (laughs)
„Can I say something in French?“ (starts singing Body Language by Jesse McCartney) Parlez-vous francais? Konichiwa. come and move in my way, hey little chica from Guadalupe, that thing you got behind you is amazing. I don’t speak Spanish, Japanese or French, but the way that body’s talkin’ definitely makes sense, it’s ya….
Alright! I love you too, whoever… let’s see… it says Skype RIAH … R-I-A-H… RIAH… lots of hearts… I love you too.
Bonjour, eh bonjour Sarah…hi darling! This is great… Oh look it! I got another phone call… it’s coming through… +49 – it’s GERMANYYYY, but I can’t get it right now, ’cause I’m on the phone with y’all.
„Chris… it’s your old tutor WENDY!!! I really wanna visit…“ NO WAY!!! You guys, I gotta tell you: Wendy DeGroot…and I think she’s married now. So this can’t be… I can’t believe this is happening… this is happening! She’s looking at me like „Who does he think he is?! Look at this little blond kid!“ My old tutor Wendy, who I absolutely love… we used to sing (starts singinig) „Who’s the king of the jungle? HU-HU! Who’s the king of the sea? Waddle-waddle-waddle!! Who’s the king of the universe?“ I did a bibles-camp with her, she used to watch me and I totally remember…. she had blond hair with this bob… Wendy I haven’t seen you!!! We’ll get in touch…I will figure out… let’s see… how can you do this? You have to somehow send me your information and we’ll get in touch! Send it to… go to, go to the Prayer Corner and submit a prayer and put „This is Wendy DeGroot“ and put your like information and they will give it to me… the people who do my website for me… or help me out with it! Anyways… BACK TO BUSINESS! Let’s see…
„Did I get my black braclet with the engraving with your name?“ YES I DID AND IT FITS GREAT! That’s cool! I did get it, I thank you very much! Very sweet.
„I’m looking great, what’s up?! Are you connecting with Jay Khan or somebody else?“ Unfortunately no. I haven’t talked to them. I talked to Jay kind of recently. I talked to Izzy the other night. And everyone seems to be doing really good. Everyone’s kind of in their own track right now in their lives … which is, you know… it’s refreshing… you know, hopefully one day we can all get together.
„Do I have a girlfriend?“ No. But umm … there are a few candidats out there and I don’t wanna say their name, because I think they’ll get mad at me. Umm… but yeah… there’s two girls that I really like right now… but I don’t know… I… to be honest I really just wanna focus on my career. I’ve been focusing on a lot of stuff that was really unnecessary and stuff I don’t need to… but umm… hello to Lithuania!!… but yeah… I need to focus on work, but there are some girls I’m interested in. But I am single and umm… don’t even worry about it!
I’d like to say hi to Debby and Ricarda… Ricarda… Ricarda. From Germany! What’s up? What’s up, Nancy from Germany? How is it going?
„Will I visit Poland?“ You know, I really hope so. I saw that question before!
Umm so yah… but as far as those fakes are concerned… just scratch them aside because they are super annoying and I’m sorry if any of you had… but I ask you to do me a favor: If you’re friends with these Richie Stringinis or whoever – get ridd of them and don’t be friends with them, because they’re putting on a really bad name for me and they’re saying a lot of stuff that ain’t true! So, you know that’s the truth. Umm, let’s see… what else is on here?
Jamai…Jamaica! „Are you from Jamaica, because Jamaicans are crazy!“ (starts chanting) No I’m not from Jamaica, but I like to make Jamaican-style music.
„Do I like Adele?“ Hey! Adele is the bomb! And you know what?! Sorry Lady GaGa…. listen Lady GaGa is great. She’s very very umm… she’s been gifted by God… He has given her many gifts, but I don’t like Lady Gaga… she is… I don’t think she is sending out very good messages… I think in some way she is but I think in other ways she is just… (makes devil horns). I shouldn’t say that… that’s really bad… I just don’t think umm… anyways… umm she’s cool, but I love Adele! Hey, Adele is so pure. She’s got such an amazing voice…. she reminds me of my friend Kitty, because Kitty sings like her if not better. She just got a really angelic voice. I love that style of music. I love Jazz… Hey you guys – first of all: What happened to Whitney? Whitney Houston is gone! And I am super sad for Bobbi, her daughter and her whole entire family. A friend of mine – Donnie McClurkin sang and spoke on her funeral, which was so amazing and I was just so happy that he was able to be there and to, you know, be with the family.
Oh and I remember… „Richie, do you remember me? I’m your English fan…“ and I’m assuming it says England… and I do! I think your Skype name is Princess and I’ve talked to you before! So hi to you!
„What’s the 3 most importants in my life?“ I already said that one!
I did see the Oscars and I did see the Grammys! Let’s talk about the Grammys! Did anybody see Nicki Minaj? Wait what… (sings on of her songs)… I’m sorry, I was laughing and I thought… okay… I thought that was the most ridiculous thing! I think Nicki Minaj is great, because she can play all these different roles. I think a lot of people give her a lot of crap for „Oh, she’s not hardcore – she doesn’t do rap anymore!“ Well, screw that! She’s making money and she does a good job. But she’s not putting on the best shows I think. I think, you know, I think they’re having her get way to poppy. And the performance she did was very… I felt bad, because I think she regretted doing that show too, you know this whole possession thing… and I don’t like exorcism crap anyways.
„Have I listened to Chris Watrins new song?“ BIG shout out to Chris Watrin! He’s my boy. He has a song out… I think it’s called…(starts singing Chris’ song „Rot Grün Blau“)… great song! I love it! The first time I saw it, I thought it was awesome. So yah… go hit up wherever Chris is. Check out his website – I posted it on my Facebook! I don’t know if he has released it yet, but if you guys can find out when he releases it – I’d like to buy a single!
Let’s see… Hi Nick from Berlin! How are you doing man?
„Good luck for tomorrow!“ Yeah guys, I… first of all… I’m gonna go, because I have to get ready and go to work! And start doing the work that I do. So let me sing really quick, first of all. This is gonna be really… I really hope I’m not gonna mess up, because this is being recorded and there’s nothing that I can do to change this. But look… I’m gonna give this a shot and I’m just gonna sing a minute of each song. I just wanna pull up the lyrics to check… did I delete the lyrics here?! Alright…let me just do this really quick y’all! I’m gonna sing you a second of You Raise Me Up… ah let’s see… let me just find it here! I don’t wanna mess up the lyrics. You… raise… me… up lyrics…(types)… alright here is Raise Me Up – it’s either this one or Set Fire To The Rain. I’m just gonna do a minute – if I mess up… I’m kind of rushed, because I have to get in Kittys car and get to work and pick her up and take her back and then me go to work. Anyways…(sings You Raise Me Up) … that is that one OR…. and you guys, that did not sound good! I got boogers up in my nose – disgusting (laughs)! HA! Sorry I gotta be really honest, you know I ain’t no fake, I’ma be honest with y’all! Honest! So I can’t see what the words are coming in now… I can’t see what you’re writing because I’m on Google right now, searching for lyrics for this Adele song! Let’s see… Adele… Set Fire To The Rain… lyrics! Okay… I don’t really know the melody, I still have to practise – this is right! (Sings Set Fire To The Rain)…. (his voice cracks… he coughs…) Now, that sucks! (Starts singing again)… and then I don’t know the lyrics here but it… (sings again)… okay, so those are two very rough versions! Not warmed up! You guys can’t hold me to that (?)… that sounded rough! Let’s see… (reads something)… „Give me a shout out you…“ WHOOOOO! I gotta give a big shout out… I’m not gonna say where at… but I’m gonna give a shout out to Loren, to Marilyn, to Kitty, to Alexis, to Kim, to Mark and Mike, Sue, Sarah… oh this is hard… Paddy, Mel P, Nick and everyone else that’s there… Nicky B… this is hard! I give shout outs to all my friends! I love you all! I wish you all the best! I gotta get outta here and get to work. Check for some more information. I can’t wait to see you all – I WILL see you! Please keep on checking the website, ’cause we’re gonna have more information. Say a prayer for me – I’m going to The Voice. I’m gonna videorecord as much as I can and get it on YouTube or get it on the website, so you guys can watch the whole process that’s gonna happen tomorrow at 7 in the morning. So, I’ll pray for you. Please keep checking out the prayer corner on and put in your prayers! I go there all the time and I’m hoping that you guys will put some more prayer requests. It doesn’t have to be for me… you guys don’t have to pray… I mean, if you wanna pray for me – God Bless you – I pray for you always! But you know, pray for…. if you need prayer for something – we’re there for you! We’re all praying baby! Okay I gotta go! OH and Audrey!!! My cousin Audrey. I love you darling. How are you doing? She broke her ankle or foot… but ummm.. Monday night baby, if I’m off, we’re going out to your school thing… so just remember me about that! And shout outs to all my family and relatives… I know that when I get off here, there gonna be a lot of people like „Why didn’t you say anything to me??“ …. but anyways… I love you all. God Bless you. I designed some sweatshirts for you guys, because I wanted you guys to have something… so that we all could have something kind of the same… so that sweatshirt that has the picture of me in the front… the black one with my picture and the cross in the back… umm I’m gonna put some pictures up and you guys will be able to get them on the website. So check that out. I love you. God Bless you. Let’s say a little prayer: BOW YOUR HEADS! WE’RE IN THE HOUSE OF THE LORD NOW! Dear Heavenly Father, I thank You for all my fans. I thank you for all the love that I’ve gotten, the support. Lord Jesus, I just pray that You cover everyone of my fans with Your precious blood, that You protect them, keep them close to Your heart, comfort them in their times of need. Let us get through our struggles, Lord. We know that without a test there is no testimony. We lift everybody up to You Lord. Keep us close to Your heart. I pray for Ebony, who’s in the hospital right now… if you all would pray for her…Ebony, we love you! And we just pray for Ebony, for a complete healing. And everyone else… I pray for my friend Aaron, who has been struggling with some difficulties… and all my friends out in California – I just pray for them that they are strong and I pray for you guys, that your dreams come true! You guys are the best! God Bless you. And may God keep you. And until next time… I hope to see you really soon. You guys mean the world to me! (blows a kiss) God Bless all of you! Okay, ciao!

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