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May 20th, 2012 / 6 COMMENTS

Richie will meet some people from that Casting Show ‘The Star Next Door’ tomorrow (Monday). Please everybody keep your fingers crossed for him and keep him in your prayers!
Thank you :)

May 16th, 2012 / 4 COMMENTS

As you probably know, Richie’s UStream is coming closer and closer. Next Sunday, you can use this link to get to his UStream-Channel.

May 9th, 2012 / 3 COMMENTS

Hey guys,

now it’s your turn to help – as you probably all know, Richie recently released his first single ‘Man Down’. So now he needs everyone of you- you monsters, helpers, soldiers, whatever you might like to call yourself ;) He wants to recruit his own street-team! The concept is the following: We need 2-5 group leaders out of each country, that wants to participate. These people should be willing to organize their own ways to promote ‘Man Down’ in your country. You can think about calling radio stations, writing to magazines and news papers, write online blogs, everything that could help Richie.
You are just the leader of your country’s team. Hopefully you can make other people in your country help you. You should be older than 18 years old, have a Skype account and have time to organize and help Richie.
If you want to be one of the leaders, please send us an application, including your name, your age, your country and why you should be the one, that does it for your country (which may include ideas, other things that might help like connections to people at radio stations, your own support page etc).
You have time till May 13th to send us your application to subject Street-Team and your country.

Good Luck to all of you!

May 7th, 2012 / 0 COMMENTS

Richie will have a UStream Live Chat with ALL of you on May 27th 2012 – 11am in Chicago. This is 5pm GMT. Hope to see all of you on the chat!
We added a Countdown to the Sidebar.

May 6th, 2012 / 5 COMMENTS is back with a new look. Do you feel the summer that’s coming up? ;) We hope you like the new style. Comments are appreciated, as usual.
In addition to that, we uploaded the Lyrics for Richie’s new Song Man Down. You can find them when clicking the Navigation -> Richie.

May 5th, 2012 / 4 COMMENTS

As you might remember US5 were asked to perform at the Michael Jackson Tribute Concert. Because of that, they recorded their own version of ‘Man in the Mirror’.